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How to identify as a "freelancer" without getting trapped

Identity is a tricky thing when you are self-employed.  The trick is to playfully inhabit the role of a freelance consultant without it becoming your entire identity. You need to believe that you are, in fact, a freelance consultant to win jobs and similarly, others need to think you are committed and available for projects. Its a tricky balance and there's no easy way to deal with it. Warning: You will probably feel like a fraud Photo by Melanie Wasser [

Freelancing Course

How do you pick a name for your consulting practice?

I came up with a name for my consulting practice on an airplane trip where I just stared at a notepad on my phone and forced myself to keep brainstorming.  I ended up picking "Vivo Strategies" which I've kept as my legal name but also do consulting work under my Boundless and StrategyU brand names as well. My approach has been to stay flexible with naming and not spend too much on branding or any major investments with my name while others tend to use it as a forcing mechanism for leveling up t