Hey there! I'm Paul Millerd and I've been a freelance consultant for the last 3+ years.  Prior to that I spent almost 10 years in the strategy consulting industry working for firms like McKinsey and BCG.  While I learned a ton about consulting working in those firms, the real learning came when I took the leap to self-employment in 2017.  Through my own work and work helping others take the leap and launch their consulting practices I've discovered a number of common themes that newbies seem to have questions about.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of great resources on the nitty gritty of consulting so I'm trying to create some useful things here.  My personal go-to resources for my own learning are Tom Critchlow and Venkatesh Rao's writings on freelancing and the gig economy in general:



  1. Shifting your mindset: connecting with other freelancers, grappling with your fear & defining what "success" means.
  2. Naming your practice
  3. How to identify as a freelance consultant without trapping yourself in that identity

Defining Your Focus

  1. How to think about your service offerings & positioning
  2. How to prototype offerings and get experience 🆕
  3. How to create a "sales deck" or updated project list

Finding Your First Projects

  1. Four ways of finding those initial projects
  2. How to work with consulting talent platforms

Landing Your First Project

  1. Creating a proposal and engaging with the client before the project🆕
  2. How to think about pricing and the pros & cons of different strategies
  3. How much free work to do before charging? 🆕

Working With Clients

  1. How to develop a project plan
  2. Communicating with the client
  3. Getting data from clients
  4. Performing interviews
  5. Running meetings or "workshops"
  6. Creating end products & getting feedback from clients
  7. Status calls & check-ins
  8. Wrapping up and engagement
  9. Dealing with the challenges of getting paid 🆕