It can be a challenge to think about how to "brand" yourself as a new consultant.  Its good to have a general idea of the roles and services you'd like to offer, but it can be a mistake to be too narrow or to try to think about yourself as a large consulting firm with a set number of services.

Freelancers often take many roles - thought partner, hands-on doer, provocateur, or coach - in ways that a traditional consulting firm would never formally offer.

At first its best to have a number of "things" you do or would like to work on but to keep it broad and flexible.  Over time when you learn what you like to do these will shift.  Many freelancers have shifted many times throughout the years.

I recommend creating a "deck"

As a new freelancer, I highly recommend creating a PowerPoint deck highlighting your services.  This is the medium of communication of the business world, like it or not.  

Early on in my journey, I positioned my services in two ways.

#1 Ways I want to engage: I broadly listed different ways I was willing to engage with a client.  This is useful to help the client imagine different ways of working with people.  Many companies and individuals may have worked with an external firm, but not yet an individual freelancer.

#2 Different types of projects: In reality, I was more open to different projects than this, but its helpful to at least have some type of focus.  This list highlights some of my past experience and/or credentials.  Again, this is about helping the client imagining ways of working with you.

You can see my full deck here:

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